Summary. Students learn what Permafrost is and the consequences of Permafrost thaw due to climate change. In the Jupyter Notebook, students calculate the heat flux through permafrost and increase computational skills through working in Python with real-world data. Developed by Penny Rowe and Steven Neshyba.


Common Core Standards and Learning Goals

    • Increase climate literacy

    • Gain computational skills through performing calculations in Excel.

Context for Use

These materials were developed for a college-level Physics class, and need to be modified for the High School level.

Teaching Materials

After giving the presentation below, teachers may elect to have students work through either the Excel Worksheet or the Jupyter Notebook below.

Teaching Guide, Keys, and Assessment

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Supporting materials (In case they are moved or removed online)

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PENGUIN modules were created with funding from the National Science Foundation. Creative Commons Copyright. You may freely use and share with attribution to the PENGUIN project as follows:

Rowe, P.M. et al (2020): Integrating polar research into undergraduate curricula using computational guided inquiry, JGE, 2020. (link)